As I am sending this message I’m rounding Cape Algulhas, the southern most point of Africa dividing the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.  At the moment I’m about 4 miles offshore (just close enough to get internet!) @ 34’53 South and 20′ 00 East.  So after transiting the Panama Canal about 3 years ago, Salsa is finally back in the Atlantic!  Next stop, somewhere around Cape town hopefully tomorrow if the wind holds out!  All well here with settled weather however the swell is still around 10 to 12 feet.  For anyone following my wake, the sailing conditions in the Mozambique Channel and South African coast has generally been a %#**;#$!!  Can’t wait to get back in to the trade winds.  After an extended stay in CapeTown through March
I’ll move on to St. Helena and then Brazil maybe around April.


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